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Show Displays Latest Trends

Before you buy any display for your company’s next show booth, consider these 3 aspects of graphic displays for exhibition that can set the trend, according to various designers around the United States.

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  • The WOW factor is the most important. Create an extraordinary atmosphere to offer an experience at trade show that goes beyond the typical graphics or hanging banners.

  • Make it relevant, it’s not just about catching attention but delivering a statement to your audience and getting them involved in the conversation.
  • Call-to-actions pretty much do the job.

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  • Keep it simple; that doesn’t have to mean boring, but for example, straight-line architecture is easier to set up than designs with shapes and curves.
  • For some reason, the trend is cool and solid colors, used in special ways to avoid looking plain.
  • Hang-out spaces, phone charging areas and comfortable seating are becoming more popular these days.

  • As for materials, plastics and laminate are being replaced with more dimensional and textured structures to provide a more authentic experience.

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  • Simpler designs assembled with aluminum frames with lightweight fabric graphics are more common because they are practical and cost effective, which directly impacts in the budget.

  • Resources redistribution: when you focus in what it is really important, is better quality than quantity. This is valid even if selecting better the shows to attend or taking advantage of booth space sizes that have been reduced lately. An honest approach to the business needs allows to point efforts into the right direction.


Show Displays

LS SIgn Studio gives your business for what’s most important: brand exposure. From your first call to delivery, we oversee every detail of your order. With printing and production under one roof, we never lose sight of your project. It’s always on our minds—so you don’t need to waste time and energy worrying about the quality, delivery and assembly of your show display.

We offer a wide selection of exhibit and display solutions, supported by knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives can help you identify the best way to showcase your exhibit products and meet your trade show objectives.

Your show attendees will feel more invited and engaged to spend quality time in your booth. Quality time means more time to qualify your leads which, as you already know, will bring more results.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]