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What are signs for?

Indoor Signs for businessSigns have many functions, but POP signage is designed to advertise a product at the location in which it’s displayed. Experts say effective signage is a critical component of a merchandising program.


  • Take your brand to people’s sight
  • Gives critical information about your business
  • Indicates your location to your clients
  • Creatively display products and services to potential customers


  • Where it would be displayed
  • Size and material for the sign
  • Message to display
  • Layout design for optimal results

According to the Small Business Association, effective POP signage develops a memory for a location of the products or services, reinforces a memory and extends recall of other advertising efforts, attracts new customers and modifies customary purchase decisions or habits.

In essence, the underlying principles of POP signage are the same: to communicate the price, features, value and benefits of a product in order to close a sale.

While choosing the right signage can help boost revenues, a careless approach to promoting products can put a damper on otherwise well-conceived merchandising plans. To be sure, signage is a cornerstone of any profitable merchandising program. If you plan to become a value-add consultant to your customers, and then you need to be able to explain how signage can impact sales.

We believe that interior advertising, also known as signage, is the most misunderstood and underutilized tool to increase sales in retailing today.

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