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Vehicle Wrap

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Make your advertising ideas reach anywhere with amazing graphics for custom vehicle wraps!

LS Sign Studio will provide you with consultation, concept creation, graphic design, review and installation for your project. We are specialists in full and partial wrapping, fleet wraps and custom signs and decals for vehicles, from trucks to boats and even aircraft. We can install your custom car wrap design at our own facility or we can come to you no matter where the vehicle is located

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Different kinds of Custom Vehicle Wrap for every business need!

From start-up business to big companies, they’re all are choosing vehicle wraps as an effective marketing tool. Although car wraps can also be an accessible way to personalize their vehicles.


Vehicle Wraps

Car wraps are a perfect way to boost your business exposure, just by driving around town, even being stuck in traffic… Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard with our custom car wrapping options.

Fleet Wraps

How about exposing your blooming brand by using our fleet wraps services. If you are a restaurant with delivery service, a shipping company or you use personal vehicle for door to door sales, we can help.

Exotic Wraps

Have an expensive vehicle you want to protect or want to invest on some custom graphics for your car, truck or sea-craft? We can make you leave with a show car that will get you 1st place.


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Enjoy the Process!

With our installation specialists, the wrapping process from start to finish has a fast turnaround of 6 days for a single car wrap. The actual wrapping takes 1 day of the 6 days so your vehicle isn’t tied up the entire time.

At LS Sign Studio we are not looking to impress you with corporate strategies and advertising campaigns. Our business thrives on the main principles of today, market strong but effectively and do great work.

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protective car wrap

Automotive Paint Protection Film

We can make car look newer longer with the 3M Vehicle Protection Film, a virtually invisible barrier that helps prevent unsightly dings and etchings. We offer an innovative technology solution that best meet your needs.

Our custom made vehicle graphics are amazing because they allow you to customize your car without having to spend a small fortune on a new paint job and we use the Finest 3M Materials and Eco Friendly Printing.

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Don’t Paint it, Wrap it!

Customize your car or make it look new again with Vehicle Wraps that protect your investment while it catches attention from potential customers!


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The possibilities are endless! Call us today for a free estimate

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