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Dimensional Letters offers versatile and modern home decorations. Creative interior decorating letters looks very interesting and elegant. Home decorations and functional items with letters feel intimate and help personalize interior decorating in a unique way.

Letters and a numbers are great for wall decorating and personalizing modern tableware. The black letters look great on white storage containers and planters, while designs personalize interior decorating in a moment. They are meaningful and original home decorations that are creative and simple to make.

Custom letters design

We often cut them out from thick wooden or plastic form making signs out of pieces of PVC or acrylic to use them for business interior signage.

The most common method is to out the letter from paper and trace it later on the board with a pencil. But we have state of the art equipment that can do the job easily and cost effective, and after cutting it out, we proceed with texture and color customization to match your interior decorating color scheme.

To hang wall letters and numbers, we usually drill a hole in the top and add a ribbon. Also you can place them on the shelf or furniture since they will stand up on their own, like the example in the picture. We can also use metal screws to fix them them into the wood and have a loop, or eyelet at the top to hand a ribbon.

We can make 3D letters from at a very affordable price, full set of pre-made alphabet for a kid room or a daycare/pre-school room. Also, they can be painted, covered with fabric or decorative papers, wood-burned, stained, collaged and decorated with plastic flowers, beads, buttons, pine cones, etc.

Also letter blocks and freestanding letters are simple home decorations that look great on furniture and floor, shelves and window sill. If you like to use them as a wall decoration, add a ribbon and you create a beautiful, meaningful and very decorative accent to hang on the wall for a fraction of the price of buying a store set.