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In order to make ADA compliant signs, we have completed & signed the Raster License Agreement from Accent Signage Systems to obtain our Certification. The Raster® Method makes fabrication fast and easy, creates ADA signage that is easy to read and produces uniform Braille dots for a clean and seamless look.

The Raster® Method of Braille is a patented process to use Braille on signs using a special pen for patented techniques and devices. No Raster® Braille products can be sold without ADA compliance, and can be used with any computerized sign engraving or routing system.

The dome-shaped Raster® spheres meet current ADA and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) guidelines. The spheres are both durable and vandal resistant, making signage ADA-compliant and top of the line in quality. Meeting the most recent U.S.A. federal standards, Raster® Braille can be paired with nearly any material, allowing a broad spectrum in material substrate choice and design options.

ADA Compliant Signs

ADA signs are required to make buildings accessible to people with visual disabilities. It’s important to remember that that this includes more than just blind people. Approximately 2.5 million Americans are legally blind (this is defined by visual acuity less than 20/200).

There are also millions more who suffer from limited vision caused by glaucoma or macular degeneration. Besides Braille and tactile lettering, these signs provide bold, high contrast identification of rooms. As a generation of Baby Boomers age, these signs will become even more important. The intent of the law is to make sure people with disabilities have access to buildings by providing signs with high contrast, tactile letters and Braille for optimal readability.

Create a modern ADA sign your guests will remember. Make your business more widely accessible and easier to navigate with a modern professional ADA solution. Let our specialized ADA experts work with you and your team to develop the perfect solution to fit your ADA design needs.